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Etoxadrol is considered as an NDMA antagonist. It is a dissociative physically insensitive drug. This drug was formerly produced for use in humans as analgesics.


One may suffer increased heart rate, increase in respiratory rate, vomiting, or loss of the righting reflex upon taking this drug. A user may feel like floating, puffy or alienated from the world. Hallucinations occur in users for about 18 to 24 hours.


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Etoxadrol has been proven to be an NMDA antagonist, and is a dissociative anesthetic that has related effects on animals with PCP. Etoxadrol was developed as an analgesic for humans alongside another linked medication, dexoxadrol, but research stopped in the late 1970s after patients experienced side effects such as nights and hallucinations.

Dexoxadol has the corresponding molecular structures: phenicyclidine (PCP), tenocyclidine (TCP), etoxadrol and its precursor; All of these medications are anesthetic and analgesic in the nerves system and function like dissociative hallucinogens. Buy Etoxadrol Online

The magnesium block of the NMDA receptor channel is moved, when the neurotransmitter glutamate attaches to the NMDA receptor and the cell membrane is depolarized (from the postsynaptic cell that is activated). The open channel allows calcium and sodium to enter the cell, while potassium will leave the cell.

By binding to a site of PCP above the magnesium blocker in the ion channel, etoxadrol antagonizes the NMDA receptor. If the magnesium block has been removed, etoxadrol inhibits the NMDA pathway, blocking the entry or exit of cations. The PCP and TP, ketamine and dexoxadrol are all protected by this process