Nitrous Oxide


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Nitrous Oxide is also known by other names such as laughing gas and nitrous. It has a N formula and is a chemical compound. This product is colourless. It has got its place in the World Health Organization’s List for being one of the safest and effective medicine for the health.


NO has a very special place in medical. For being a great pain-killer and pain reliever, this drug is used specifically in surgery and dentistry to make the patient pain free. On inhaling Nitrous Oxide, the user might feel extreme euphoria.


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Dentists use nitrous oxide as a sedative and anaesthetic drug. It is commonly used in silver-pressured cream-chargers and is also used in the catering industry.

It’s a depressing prescription that slows the body down. It will make people comfortable, satisfied and garbage when inhaled, hence the term “moving petrol.” it may also induce slight euphoria, light-headedness, dizziness and hallucinations. Some people get headaches and/or nausea during their use.

The gas is typically inhaled by a ballon inflated with a whipped cream charger. A ball will move through a body, with every person gulping.

A shortage of oxygen to the brain can result from the inhalation of NO. This may lead to an unconscious person collapsing and perhaps death from choking or cardiac attacks. If gas is used within a restricted place, or if a ton is used at the same time, the danger is likely to be greater. Just take a little breath as you inhale from a balloon and make sure you are in a well ventilated area