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Enadoline is a very known drug that acts like a highly selective kappa opioid agonist.It was formerly believed as a treatment for comatose head injury or stroke victims.


Use of this drug causes great side effects like visual deformation and feelings of being separated or disconnected and similar effects like of Salvinorin A. The possible side effects caused by Enadoline is dysphoria or anxiety disorders.


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Enadoline is a medication which is a very selective antimicrobial agonist. In human experiments, the symptoms of salvinorina were suggestive of sensory distortions and sensations of dissociation. Buy Enadoline Online

It has been investigated for a probable analgesic but has been withdrawn because of the dose-limiting symptoms of dysphoria that a μ-opioid agonist could anticipate. Its potential in the treatment of comatose head trauma or stroke patients, which would be immaterial, was stated.

The existence of highly focused and precise  opioid enadolin offers an opportunity to investigate the role and future usefulness of kappa receptors in humans for the production of pharmacotherapeutics for drug addiction. Buy Enadoline Online

The goal of this research was to describe and contrast with butorphanol, mixed a agonist and hydromorphone, a mu agonist in humans the pharmacodynamic effects of enadoline, a selective kapa agonist. Buy Enadoline Online

The assessments of sedation, agitation and dizziness, vision impairments and sensations of depersonalisation, and increased urine volume, have been greatly increased by enadolina. The maximum dosage was not approved and psychotomimetic results were detected. Mu-opioid symptoms including breathing depression, mioses and euphoria were induced by hydromorphone. Butorphanol was the hydromorphone most similar to and had few enadoline effects