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Diphenidine is considered as a group member of the drug class called diarylethylamine. It is also known as a dissociative drug. The users have reported the hallucinogenic and dissociative effects on the administration of this drug into the body. Buy Diphenidine Online


There is no such information available about the effects of Diphenidinein humans such as pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity. Be very cautious while using this drug. Consult your concerned doctor for more details about this product. Buy Diphenidine Online


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Diphenidine is a dissociative anesthetic marketed as a designer medication. The diphenidine synthesis was first reported in 1924 and employed a bruylant reaction close to that that which would later be used in 1956 to detect phencyclidine. Shortly after the ban on arylcyclohexylamines in britain in 2013, the gray market was able to sell diphenidins and associated compounds of methoxphenidine.

High doses of diphenidine that generate bizarre somatosensory phenomena and transitional anterogrades are defined by anecdotal accounts. Diphenidine and associated diarylethylamines are antagonists of the nmda receptor. They have been tested in vitro as neurotoxic injury therapies. Diphenidine demonstrates a better antitussive potential in dogs than phosphate codeine. Buy Diphenidine Online

Both diphhenidine enantiomers are very distinct in the ability to inhibit the nmda receptor, and the affinity of the more active (enantiomer) is 40 times greater than the (r) enantiomer. Since the launch of dopamine in 2013, the drug “function for transport” has been confirmed by manufacturers, however, no details on the function of diphenidine on the transporter of dopamine have been reported until 2016. The highest affinity for diphenidine is with the nmda receptor, but the −1 receptor, 2 receptor and transporter of dopamine have submicromolar affinity