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Diethyl Ether is considered as a group member of the drug class called ether. It has the formula as (C2H5)2O, and for few times it is abbreviated as Et2O. It has no colour of its own and is highly inflammable liquid.


This drug is used as a solvent for research purposes. It is mostly having anaesthetic use.Modern anaesthetic agents are used to eliminate the effects of side effects caused by Diethyl Ether such as vomiting and post-anaesthetic nausea.


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Diethyl ether is an organic compound with the formula of the ether family. It is a colorless, very volatile flammable substance that smells sweet. It is typically used in labs as a solvent and for certain motors as a starting fluid.

It was used as a general anesthetic before non-flammable medicines such as halothane had been produced. It was used to induce intoxication as a recreational medication. It’s a structural butanol isomer. Buy Diethyl Ether


In the development of cellulose plastics such as cellulose acetate, this is especially important as a solvent. Buy Diethyl Ether Online

Diethyl ether has a high cean number of 85–96 and, owing to its high instability and low flash point, is used as a starter fluid in conjunction with petroleum distillates for petrol and diesel engine.

Another starting fluid is marketed and used in cold climat countries because the cold start of a motor at low temperatures can help. For the same purpose, it’s also used for carbureted ignition model engines as a fuel mixture component. Diethyl ether thus resembles ethanol as one of its precursors