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Opium is a blend of thebaine, opiates codeine, and non-analgesic alkaloids like papaverine and noscapine.


This drug affects the brain and spinal cord of the user. It helps in making patients pain-free. Use of Opium helps in eliminating anxiety, induce drowsiness, sedation, or relaxation. This medicine also helps in feeling a sense of euphoria and enhances the mood of the user.


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Heroin is derived from the opium-detected morphine alkaloid. Opium is an illicit drug which is obtained from opium poppy (Papas somnifer) as dry latex. Opium is a highly addictive drug. The unripened goblet is usually open-slit and the sap drains out on the outside side of the goblet. Buy Opium Online

The yellow-brown latex that is torn from the goose is bitter in taste and contains various concentrations of alkaloids, such as morphine , codeine, thebaine and papaverine. Fentanyl, methadone, oxycodone, and hydrocodone are other synthetic or semisynthetic heroin derivatives.

Opium is seldom grown and grown in the United States for illegal trading. Latin America and Afghanistan have much of the materials in the U.S .. Afghanistan is the worldwide opium production city, and has contributed to nearly three-quarters of the global availability of heroin. Buy Opium Online

It was used as an effective pain killer by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It was cultivated in Southeast Asia and is referred to by the Sumerians as the “love vine” or Hul Gil. Opium was also cultivated by the Assyrians and Egyptians and moved along the Silk Road (a network of routes) between Europe and China, where it engaged in the Opium Wars of the 1800s.

Opium dens were areas where opium was acquired and distributed and were located in Southeast Asia, China and Europe in particular, all over the globe