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N-EthylnorKetamine alternative drug is not as strong as Ketamine and does not produce the same high, but rather has a different quality of making the user feel less anxious and helps them relax. However, in its potency, N-Ethyl-Ketamine can be as strong as Ketamine with its maximum dosage limit being greater than that of Ketamine. Buy N-Ethylnorketamine Online



N- Ethylnorketamine is categorised as a member of the family of Arylcyclohexylamine. The chemical structure of this family is 2-MeO-Ketamine and Ketamine. N- Ethylnorketamine is also popular with other names such as Ethketamine, ethyl ketamine, and N-ethyldesmethyl ketamine.


This drug has the same properties as Ketamine do. It may cause hallucinogenic and sedative effects like Ketamine. There are various similarities that N- Ethylnorketamine and Ketamine carry. Buy N-Ethylnorketamine Online


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N-ethylnorketamine is a structurally classified empirical reference resource as an amphetamine. The biochemical and toxicological properties of this drug are not understood. The effects are expected to be similar to dissociative anesthetic ketamine and have been exploited at leisure. For forensic and analysis purposes, this substance is intended. Buy N-Ethylnorketamine Online

Buy N-Ethylnorketamine Online is a designer medication thought to have the same effects as ketamine, a hallucinogenic and sedative anesthesia remedy. It has been marketed via the internet since september 2012, and testing labs in the uk and other european countries have been found in confiscated prescription samples.

In the family of arylcyclohexamine, nenk is a dissociative drug. Sar extrapolation shows that the effect of a higher lipophilicity and enzyme tolerance of the n-ethyl group should be very close to ketamine with a longer duration and increasing potency. This adjustment has been embraced by the consumers of ketamine, considering the two hours of ketamine