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Ketof Syrup” contains Ketotifen Fumarate as an active ingredient. They are used for Allergic or seasonal conjunctivitis, Itching of the eyes and other conditions. Ketof Syrup works by inhibiting the release of allergy-causing chemicals, histamines in the body by mast cells. Buy Ketof Syrup Online


Buy Ketof Syrup Online

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Conjunctivitis or hay fever is a common condition in which eyes become red and watery when they come in contact with mold spores or pollen. Your body does this to defend itself against a potential threat. Seasonal occurrences may not last for long, but a chronic condition may exist throughout the year. If you are too sensitive to allergies, be sure to minimize your exposure to allergens by keeping your home dust-free or using an air purifier. In more troublesome cases, you may need to start medications like the Ketof syrup for sale. It contains Ketotifen Fumarate, an active ingredient that inhibits the release of histamines. Before using this syrup, inform your doctor about your allergies and pre-existing diseases!


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Ketotifen exhibits anti-allergic qualities and was used in prophylactic asthma similarly with sodium cromoglycate. It has antihistamine effects, too. Ketotifen has marked anti-anaphylactic properties and prevents asthma attacks. Ketotifen has a sustained effect on histamine reactions and can clearly be dissociated from its anti-anaphylactic features.

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