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Alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone – also known as α-PVP, alpha PVP (A-PVP), gravel, flakka or niff – is one of a number of recreational drugs in the ‘bath salts’ (or cathinones ) family, so called because they resemble bath salts and because they have sometimes been sold disguised as them. Buy Alpha-PVP Online


Buy alpha-PVP (Flakka) Online

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Alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone (α-PVP) is a sympathomimetic drug that is advertised online as a ‘legal high’ and sold under names such as bath salts, Flakka or gravel. α-PVP is related to cathinone and is the psychoactive alkaloid in khat (Catha edulis). Several routes of administration have been reported including insufflation, oral ingestion, smoking and intravenous injections. This drug stimulates the release of dopamine and norepinephrine and inhibits their reuptake. Reported side effects of α-PVP include cardiovascular and neurological symptoms, such as chest pains, hypertension, agitation, combative behavior, tachycardia, delusions, excited delirium syndrome and hyperthermia


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Global Cocaine Shop is the ultimate place to buy all kinds of chemicals under one roof, and APVP is out of them. APVP online (full name is:α Pyrrolidinopentiophenone), also known as alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone, A-PVP, alpha-PVP, O-2387, APVP, PVP,β-ketone-prolintane, Prolintanone). It is a synthetic stimulant drug of the cathinone class developed in the 1960s, sometimes called flakka or gravel.

APVP for sale (also known as A-PVP, Alpha-PVP, α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, or flakka) is a synthetic stimulant drug cathinone and pyrovalerone classes. It is chemically similar to other pyrovalerone compounds such as MDPV and cathinone compounds. It is generally available in the form of either a crystalline powder or large crystal shards. Users can ingest to produce effects that are somewhat similar to that of amphetamine.

Buy PVP online is chemically related to pyrovalerone and is the ketone analog of prolintane, and it is often used as a recreational drug.

Pyrovalerone is an inhibitor of the transporters for certain monoamine neurotransmitters, including dopamine and norepinephrine, preventing their uptake.1,2 α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone (hydrochloride) is an analog of pyrovalerone, lacking only the methyl group found on the phenyl moiety of pyrovalerone. Like pyrovalerone, this compound is expected to be a psychoactive stimulant. This product is used in forensic applications.

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